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Happy Anniversary!

This Thursday 8th March is the 126th anniversary of the day Arthur Conan Doyle started to write A Study in Scarlet!

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Image Source: A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel
(Adapted by Ian Edginton, Illustrated by I.N.J. Culbard
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An Illustrated Study in Scarlet

Thanks to one of our members who passed this recommendation on to the community.

A Study in Scarlet ~ Fully Illustrated by Nis Jessen

This looks gorgeous!  Please be patient as the website takes a while to load. The preview covers the first chapter and on to the crime scene at Lauriston Gardens.  Each page contains illustrations. Ignore that Holmes is depicted in a deerstalker hat!  The link to the book's preview contents is labelled a a "click here" text note on the right hand side of the main frame. Zoom in for greater detail.

Foreward by the late Edward Hardwicke.

It's only six months until Christmas, in case you were looking for something for your favourite Holmesian (that includes yourself). And if you don't celebrate Christmas, then you don't need to wait six months!

Note to Community:

Please feel free to recommend anything related to A Study in Scarlet
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Favourite Quotations from "A Study in Scarlet"

Greetings Fellow Sherlock Holmes Enthusiasts

And again, welcome to study130. 

To start the comm off, let's share our favourite quotes from "A Study in Scarlet".

Here is mine, From Chapter II. The Science Of Deduction. (Here Watson sheds light on his fascination with his new flatmate): 

"The reader may set me down as a hopeless busybody, when I confess how much this man stimulated my curiosity, and how often I endeavoured to break through the reticence which he showed on all that concerned himself. Before pronouncing judgment, however, be it remembered, how objectless was my life, and how little there was to engage my attention. My health forbade me from venturing out unless the weather was exceptionally genial, and I had no friends who would call upon me and break the monotony of my daily existence. Under these circumstances, I eagerly hailed the little mystery which hung around my companion, and spent much of my time in endeavouring to unravel it."

Here's why:

It sets the tone for the beginning of one of the archetypal literary friendships of all time.

Please discuss and add your own favourites...
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Welcome to study130
A Sherlock Holmes Community

Studying Intently 
March 4 2011 marks the 130th anniversary of the investigation of the "Lauriston Gardens Mystery" aka "A Study in Scarlet".

This Comm welcomes submissions of:
  • art
  • fan fiction
  • discussion
  • & miscellany long as it is related to "A Study in Scarlet"

If you are unsure, please contact the moderator.


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